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GEVINO opto PNP - PLC v1.3

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PNP PLC Compatible Arduino Zero

Since V1.3 the PCB is a 4-layer, with extreme noise shielding.

Enclosure Thickness: 22.5mm Green

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The GEVINO opto is certainly the least expensive of the PLCs, nevertheless it has excellent characteristics, such as 11 opto-insulated double-polarity inputs, 4 Short Circuit protected outputs, SD card, LIN bus to parallel multiple modules or expansions. Inductive loads, electrostatic discharges and electromagnetic disturbances are protected. It has options such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RTC, RS232, RS485, cellular modem and CE marking.

Arduino Zero compatible

Supply, inputs, outputs 7V /40V

11 opto-isolated inputs, double-polarity common

4 PNP Output 40V 2.5A, Short Circuit Protection, for Resistive, Capacitive, Induttive load.

2 analogue input 20mA / 1V / 10V  12bit

1 RS485 port with which to parallel up to 255 gevini, or m-bus, or other.

On the front, behind the flap:

      SD card

      Micro USB

      Led inputs, outputs, serial, power

      Reset button

Optional module Ethernet RJ45

Optional module WiFi ESP

48 Mhz, 32-bit ARM Cortex - M0+ processor.
Flash 256KB, RAM 32K

You can update the program in the GEVINO from the Internet or SD card with a dedicated bootloader.

Debug via Ethernet Telnet

Programming via Ethernet FTP (Asking SD bootloader)

3 enclosures, of different thicknesses:

Thin 17.5mm black, for the only card without accessories.

Medium 22.5mm green,for accessories such as Ethernet, RTC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM modem.

Thick 35mm black, for accessories such as RS232 on DB9 female, Li-Po battery with battery charger.

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GEVINO Manuals and Examples

Examples, manuals and CE for all types of GEVINO It includes all of all models 18/03/2023

Download (84.81MB)

GEVINO Opto PNP v1.0

Manual and Scheme 03/02/2021

Download (1.44MB)

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