Battery POE Wi-Fi 3
  • Battery POE Wi-Fi 3
  • Battery POE Wi-Fi 3
  • Battery POE Wi-Fi 3

Battery POE v4 24v 15W 7000mA/h hig current batteries

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Portable device for alignment and testing of POE internet antennas.

Just for 24V to 48V adapter.

Cambium Cable included.



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Hig current and capacity panasonic batteries, enamelled copper wires of big section, switching circuits on aluminum PCB.


  • Passive Power Over Ethernet Device, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, Cambium, ecc.
  • 24V 15W POE
  • Battery Router HotSpot WiFi
  • 7000mA/h for charge external device.
  • 17 Hours Wi-Fi
  • 7 Hours autonomy with 4W load (PowerBeam)
  • Short-circuit protection, on USB and POE
  • Charge indicator - 4 led
  • Perfect match with the App EasyUBNT, Tik-AppubntcnArcher
  • Automated preparation of CPE antenna.
    Detect New CPE.
    Auto ssh with username and password.
    Send command
    Upload config file.
  • OpenWrt with HTML interface.
  • VLAN interface
  • iperf -s always running
  • Samba 3, for files and memory sharing, USB flash memory.
  • IEEE 802.3 (Pin 4 e 5 +24V, Pin 7 e 8 GND) For Cambium you have to create a LAN cable with reversed power pin.
  • One year warranty.

3 switch state:

  • USB Out (Charge/LED)
  • USB + WIFI
  • USB + WIFI + POE


  • USB Ligth
  • Hard Case
  • USB Cable
  • Lan Cable
  • Cambium Cable


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Depliant Battery Poe

Download (403.03k)

Brochure Battery Poe

Download (397.56k)

BatteryPoE v4 at manual

Download (531.88k)

CE v4

Download (1M)

C-Tick V4

Download (1.08M)

FCC v4

Download (9.83M)

Firware Upgrade

fw4.0 for v4 and at This update is focused on the following features: - support for repositories - updated openwrt version - Support GSM dongle for internet connection It is recommended if you need to install additional modules from the repisitories

Download (5.87M)

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