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GEVINO opto PLC - ARM Cortex M0+


PLC Compatible Arduino Zero, 

Enclosure Thickness

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The GEVINO opto is certainly the least expensive of the PLCs, nevertheless it has excellent characteristics, such as 12 opto-insulated double-polarity inputs, 6 NPN 6F mosfet outputs, SD card, LIN bus to parallel multiple modules or expansions. Inductive loads, electrostatic discharges and electromagnetic disturbances are protected. It has options such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RTC, RS232, RS485, cellular modem and CE marking.

Arduino Zero compatible

Supply, inputs, outputs 7V /30V

10 opto-isolated inputs, without polarity, with 4 common

4 Mosfet 30V 7.6A, with protection diode

1 analogue input 4-20mA / 1V / 3.3V

On the front, behind the flap:

      SD card

      Micro USB

      Led inputs, outputs, serial, power

      Reset button

Optional module Ethernet RJ45

Optional module WiFi ESP

48 Mhz, 32-bit ARM Cortex - M0+ processor.
Flash 256KB, RAM 32K

You can update the program in the GEVINO from the Internet or SD card with a dedicated bootloader.

3 enclosures, of different thicknesses:

Thin 17.5mm black, for the only card without accessories.

Medium 22.5mm green,for accessories such as Ethernet, RTC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM modem.

Thick 35mm black, for accessories such as RS232 on DB9 female, Li-Po battery with battery charger.

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GEVINO opto.ino

Example code

Download (87.73k)


Download (352.79k)

Web Server

Example code

Download (3.18k)

GEVINO optov1.2 manual

GEVINO opto v1.2 manual (Version of manual 1.5)

Download (771.39k)

GEVINO opto v1.1

Download (4.06M)

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