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Control sliding doors

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GEVINO Scorrevole
Control sliding doors

Con Ethernet: Without Ethernet


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Control sliding doors for DC motors 12V / 24v / 48v

acceleration and deceleration ramps.

Mechanical limit switch (Current Reading) or electric (Micro Switch). ot time

Customizable, can make even the PLC functions

Control Power Supply 12V / 24V (Optional 220V AC)

Motor Power Supply 12V / 24V / 48V


  • 17mm - No accessories
  • 22.5mm - Ethernet, WiFi, Can, LoRa
  • 35mm -  220V AC, RS232

Configuration editing a text file in the SD memory

In the version with Ethernet config via FTP

Forecast for future expansion, on request

  • Two independent ports Management
  • Internal power supply 220V (only for the control)
  • Opening and selection via Ring and/or SMS
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