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GSM telephone dialer 2G

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Industrial GSM telephone dialer, voice, SMS and email, 12/3000 inputs
Outputs Command via SMS
Weekly timer.
Log Events on SD
Programmable Delay on the first 12 inputs
ModBus TCP-IP for send alarms from PLC
Configured via SD or Ethernet FTP or SMS

Con Ethernet: With Ethernet


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Industrial GSM telephone dialer, voice, SMS and email, 12/3000 inputs

Makes voice call, send email and SMS to an infinite number of telephone numbers.

Customizable messages and phone number for each input.

Customizable messages for each input in closing and opening, differentiated by email, SMS and vocals.

On the first 12 inputs, a delay can be added up to 65000 seconds

The 12 module inputs are expandable by connecting them with up to 254 Expansion

Version with and without Ethernet, to configure via FTP

Modbus tcp-ip Client to start calls/SMS/email from PLC

Via SMS the Output can be commanded.

Weekly Timer for calling out of work.

Pressing button # during the call it will interrupt all next calls and re-calls until alarm is off.

Power 12V / 24V

Inputs opto isolated.

Customizable, can make even the active functions of PLC

Thickness 22.5mm (35mm in the version 110V/220V &/OR Ethernet)

Supplied magnetic antenna and micro sd.

Optional (Ask before)

Power supply 110V/220V internal 15 €

On the GEVINO Civile   (Extra cost)

4 uninsulated inputs for PNP

4 Relays 5A 220v with Ethernet


7 Relays 5A 220V without Ethernet

Power supply 12V

Link pdf

Forecast for future expansion, on request.

  • Calendar of the holiday for Timer.
  • Temperature Alarm with RS485 Modbus probes
  • Sending email via Ethernet
  • Alarm on overcoming temperature, upward or low, with RS485 Modbus probes
  • Wireless expansions 433Mhz LoRa
  • Wi-Fi instead of ETH, and Wi-Fi expansions


·                Ethernet: GEVINO has no HTML pages, it only has FTP to access the SD, Telnet for debugging, Modbus to start one alarm at a time or read status.

·                All configuration and entries are on the SD, it cannot be changed via ModBus, it can only be changed via FTP, sending SMS or putting the SD in a PC.

·                Le voci riprodotte sono file WAV, è si possono creare gratuitamente su dei siti liberi.

·                The texts of SMS or e-mails are written on the SD, as are the numbers to be called and all other rules.

·                There is no limit on the alarms that can be configured on the SD and controlled via ModBus

·                Each status, of each individual input, can be configured as desired, with dedicated functions, voices, numbers and texts.

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